Microfluidic Chips
Out of Cyclo Olefin Polymer (COP)

Do you struggle with fabricating microfluidic chips?

Here are four reasons
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Ordering Flexibility,
from a single unit to mass production

With no minimum lot size, we can supply as many or as few units as you need.

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Rapid delivery in as little as 10 business days

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Comprehensive drafting support.

From a CAD drawing to even a hand-drawn illustration we can provide technical support need to make your product a reality

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One-stop solution for everything

One-stop solution for everything from molding to cutting and bonding With Zeon, multiple steps can be combined at one location

Properties of cyclo olefin polymer (COP)

Low UV absorption Optical transmittance in the short-wavelength spectrum is favorable.
Low fluorescence Exceptionally low fluorescence enables highly sensitive testing.
Chemical stability COP is superbly resistant to acid, alkali and alcohol.
High purity Extremely low levels of impurities make outgassing virtually unknown.
Low adsorption COP has low adsorption to proteins and other organics in comparison with glass and general plastics.
Low moisture vapor transmission rate Performs superbly in terms of stable content preservation.
Excellent moldability Excellent transcription performance achieves highly accurate molding.
Low environmental impact Incineration is possible and achieves excellent disposability.

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An Extensive and Enviable Track Record

Our work is utilized by numerous research institutes.

COP Production Result1
COP Production Result2
Provided to Professor Jun Mizuno, Senior Researcher
Research Organization for Nano & Life Innovation
Waseda University
COP Production Result3
Provided to Mr. Sato
Matsue Laboratory, Graduate School of Environmental Studies
Tohoku University
COP Production Result4
Provided to Dr. Jiro Kawada
CEO, Jiksak Bioengineering
COP Production Result5
Provided to Dr. Jiro Kawada
CEO, Jiksak Bioengineering
COP Production Result6
Provided to Assistant Prof. Masatoshi Maeki
Tokeshi Lab,
Laboratory of Bioanalytical Chemistry
Research Group of Chemistry and Functional Molecules
Division of Biotechnology and Macromolecular Chemistry
Faculty of Engineering, Hokkaido University

Watch the interview about our production results!

Dr. Jiro Kawada

CEO, Jiksak Bioengineering

Using COP microchannel chips to generate neurons in the search for a solution to ALS, currently an incurable disease

Jiksak Bioengineering is a bio-innovator, a startup focusing on developing a drug treatment for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease). Regarded as the most intractable of all incurable diseases, ALS is best known as the disease contracted by renowned physicist Stephen Hawking. Dr. Kawada’s team at Jiksak Bioengineering is using Zeon’s microchannel chips to generate the cells it uses for drug development. Jiksak Bioengineering’s CEO and representative director, Jiro Kawada, explains why his company has used Zeon’s molding and prototyping service since its inception.

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Icaria Inc.

Mr. Ryuichi Onose / Mr. Yuki Ichikawa

Icaria Inc. is using a microfluidic chip made from our COP material to detect cancer early and determine the best treatment option from a urine test.

Icaria Inc. a spin-off venture from an university, is developing revolutionary technology that can detect cancer early and with a high degree of accuracy from the patient’s urine. Recent treatment advances improve survival rates in cancer patients, but still, one in three Japanese lose their lives from cancer. Patients' quality of life frequently impaired as a result of the surgeries or harsh treatments, especially in advanced stages. Icaria Inc.’s cutting-edge technology provides a solution to these issues; using a simple urine test, they enable highly accurate detection of early cancers that are difficult to detect in currnet cancer screenings. Zeon’s microfluidic chip prototype service is being used in the development process.

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